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Introducing Gift Cards —a savory and unique way to share the joy of authentic flavors with your loved ones! This tasteful gift card allows recipients to indulge in the rich and traditional experience of savoring handcrafted tamales made with love and expertise.

With this card, your friends, family, or colleagues can explore our enticing selection of mouthwatering tamales, each crafted using time-honored recipes and premium ingredients. Whether they have a penchant for classic pork, flavorful chicken, or a vegetarian delight, our menu offers a diverse range of options to satisfy every palate.

Not only does this Gift Card grant access to a world of culinary delight, but it also serves as a thoughtful present for any occasion. Whether it’s a birthday, holiday celebration, or just a way to show appreciation, this gift card embodies the spirit of sharing warmth and deliciousness.

To redeem, recipients can simply visit order our Mexican Tamales online, selecting their favorite fillings and relishing the convenience of a delightful meal. It’s the perfect way to introduce someone special to the richness of our culinary traditions or allow seasoned enthusiasts to savor their favorite flavors once more.

Give the gift of Mexican Tamales savory joy with this Gift Card—a flavorful gesture that transcends ordinary gifting and brings the authentic taste of tradition to those you care about.

*Valid for 12 months. Terms and Coniditions apply