A very authentic guacamole

Mexican restaurant London

A very authentic guacamole! A long time ago I came a cross an amazing stop motion animated work about how to make fresh guacamole. And although I am pretty sure many of you have already seen it, I wanted to share it with you so enjoy :   Isn\’t it as authentic and great as the […]

Tequila Mezcal Festival London

best mexican tamales and tacos london

So the Tequila Fest finally happened a couple of weekends ago and we finally had the chance to upload some of the highlights of this event that celebrated not only Mexican spirits but Mexican culture and Authentic Mexican food such as tamales, tacos and tortas. We had a blast and hope you all who attended […]

Tequila Mezcal and Mexican Food in London

What else could you ask for?  Being 2015 the year of Mexico in the UK and September the month of Mexico, the Tequila & Mezcal Fest UK team are bringing us the Festival in its second year this weekend! (19th & 20th September). There will be Tequila & Mezcal tastings, very interesting seminars held by […]

Rugby World Cup Be Inspired Festival

This time we were invited to bring our authentic Mexican street food to Redlees Park in Hounslow to celebrate the start of the Rugby World Cup at the Be Inspired Festival organised by the Hunslow Council authorities were Grammy-award winner Billy Ocean was the main musical draw. A special thanks to Asian Events Media who gave us […]

What is a Guajolota?

Guajolota? la Torta de Tamal, cuyo nombre popular de “Guajolota” deriva de un antiguo tipo de pan de baja calidad llamado precisamente “Guajolote”. La torta de tamal cubría entonces (y ahora) tres necesidades básicas de una persona en tránsito y con rumbo a sus actividades, sobre todo si éstas estaban relacionadas con la industria de […]

Origins of the Tamale (tamal)

Origins of the TamaleThe origins of the tamale derive their name from the Nahuatl word “tamalii,” which means “wrapped food.” No one is certain when and who invented tamales. However, some historians trace it to as far back as 3000 B.C, when the people of the Sierra Madre Mountains of Mexico hybridized wild grasses to […]