Tamali started with the idea of celebrating genuine Mexican street food and promoting it in the UK.

We are not your usual Mexican Restaurant in London, Tamali is an online shop that sometimes turns into a  street food market stall popping up around London serving authentic Mexican food such as Mexican tacos and tamales.
We are passionate about the idea of bringing the real flavours of traditional Mexican street food in London and have decided to focus on dishes that have been long established for decades within the Mexican street food culture such as tamales, available on site or online and tacos made with real soft corn tortilla (these are only available on site at our market stalls.)

We’ve been privileged to trade at a wide range of events, from Tequila Fest to high profile events such as The Stylist magazine anual party. We have also done prestigious markets such as Maltby Street, Partridges and Startisans.

Our main dish: the “Tamale”, can be traced back to Prehispanic time and its name derives from the nahuatl, “tamalli” meaning wrapped. Tamales are an artisanal food, made from authentic mexican corn flour and are cooked in a steamer. Furthermore, they get their delicious flavour and lovely smell from the dried corn husks wrapping.

Tamales are a very diverse food and come in different versions for meat eaters and vegetarians alike. They can be filled with chicken, pork, beans, cheese, and all kind of ingredients yet still combined with really delicious Mexican sauces made in a very traditional way to create a unique assemblage of different flavours.

Tamles are a very authentic mexican food that you can now order online within the UK with the certainty that they will be freshly cooked!

“Steamed corn delights that come sweet or savoury with a variety of fillings and wrapped in a dried cornhusk” -Metro

“This is what tamales are meant to taste like” -MexiGeek

“Their tamales taste like the tamales we find back home”  –MexTrade

For more info: sales@tamal.co.uk